He’s Got It…

“On his robe at his thigh was written this title: King of all kings and Lord of all lords.”
Revelation 19:16

One of the things that interest me about cities is that they are always growing. No sooner has one city built the highest building then another city is building an even taller one. They just keep growing and whatever stands the tallest catches our attention.

Today’s verse says that Jesus has words written on Him that perfectly describes who He is and where He should be ranked in our lives. The words are “King of all Kings and Lord of all lords”. These words remind us that every day something new is going to rise up in our life and try to demand our attention but Jesus is already towering above them all.

Jesus belongs at the very apex of our life. He is to hold the place above every king, above every lord and above every situation that life might try to throw at us. When Jesus is prioritized in the highest place everything in life is quickly subdued.

This week let’s shuffle our priorities around. Before life’s problems have a chance to overwhelm us let’s place Jesus at the top of our schedule rather than the bottom. Instead of trying to “fit” Him into our day let’s make Jesus the reason for our day. This simple adjustment will cause every high and haughty thing in our lives to become low. It will cause victory in our life everyday!