Sounds Great…

“The mouth of a righteous person is a fountain of life”
Proverbs 10:11

Fountains are fascinating. People are drawn to their seemingly endless flow of water as it dances and spills around them. The many cascades create a peaceful atmosphere. Their calming sound attracts many who sit and relax on their edges.

Today’s verse reminds us that our mouth, or more specifically the words we speak, can become a fountain of life. Stinking words produce a dead fountain that no one visits. Life giving words produce a beautiful fountain that everyone wants to be near.

Try picturing this in your imagination. See your life-giving words becoming a fountain of life as they dance and spill from your mouth. See their sound attracting people and creating a refreshingly peaceful atmosphere for others.

This week let’s allow encouraging words to freely flow from our mouths. As we do this we’ll create a beautiful fountains of life that has an overflow of healthy waters. People will almost instantly be attracted by our words. When this happens allow more life-giving words to gush out and affect all those who come near. Before long lives will be changed, people refreshed and cascades of life will be flowing from us in every direction. That’s God’s Word so we know it will work!