No Surprises…

“The people who love God’s Instructions enjoy peace and lots of it and nothing shall offend them”
Psalm 119:165

I enjoy walking on paths that twist and turn on their way to a destination. My mind thinks about what’s coming up ahead or what’s beyond the next turn. As I stay on the path I arrive safely at the destination.

Today’s verse reminds us that God has a path for us. He says that as we walk on His Path, and follow His instructions, offense will not be able to lead us astray. God has provided each of us with this fabulous escape from offense. We’re able to walk out our journey knowing that around the next bend of life will be peace rather than more unexpected offense.

Offense will always try to pull us away from God. It tries to draw us into a wilderness of self-interest and deception. When we discover that peace has gone and that the never-ending storms of life are tossing us about instead we simply need to return to following His Instructions. Then we’ll find ourselves back on His offense free path for our life.This week lets not allow offense to stalk us. Let’s not allow offense to lead us away from God. Instead lets hold firm to God’s way of doing things. As we do we’ll find that there is a LOT OF PEACE in our lives. Soon others will be looking to us to help lead them along His path of life towards peace.