Get In Line…

“You shall have no other gods before Me”
Exodus 20:3

Have you ever had to wait in a long line for service? It often happens at the bank, supermarket or when buying a ticket.  Even to obtain the simplest answer to a question means that everyone lined up ahead of us must be served before we’re heard.

This week’s verse says that there is only one true God and we should have no other gods before Him. This means we should have nothing lined up beyond or in addition to Him. Our God is the only answer to what we need in life. If we place Him at the front of our line then we’ll get rapid access to what’s needed.

There are so many things that people put in the line before God. They put their financial, emotional, relational or health issues ahead of Him; then wonder why they don’t get answers from heaven. When we love, fear, delight in and depended upon God we move Him to the front of our line. Then we obtain access to, and answers from, heaven.

This week let’s quickly evaluate our lives and see if there’s a queue of thing between God and us. If there is then join us by lifting our hands and worshipping the one true God with a fresh spirit. As we begin to love, fear, delight in and depended upon God again we’ll discover him at the front of our queue and not at the back. Before long things will change and life will be so much better. This is how we live our life so why not give it a go too!