Mystery Flight…

“…if you have no doubts in your mind and believe that what you say will happen, then God will do it for you.”
Mark 11:23

Airline companies used to offer mystery flights. You could buy a mystery ticket, turn up at the airport and hop on a flight to an unknown destination. You wouldn’t know where you were going until you were on the airplane. Some destinations were great while others were awful. You had no control over where you would end up. Life shouldn’t be a mystery flight for a born-again believer. 

In today’s verse Jesus says that if we believe without doubting then our destination is assured; we’ll land on what we have spoken. Our destination is determined by the words we speak. Our today was formed by the words of our yesterday. So if we don’t like where we are now we need to change the words that we are speaking.

Never underestimate the power of our words. Proverbs 18 tells us that death and life are in the power of the tongue. It says that what we speak today will form our future. We can partake of death or life depending upon what comes out of our mouths. Speaking words of life about our future, will always take us to the very best destination.

This week let’s stop & listen to what is coming out of our mouths. Let’s retrain our words to be words of life and never death. As we do this, we’re prophesying to our future. We’ll no longer be on a mystery flight to an unknown destination. Instead we’ll be heading towards a brilliant future that’s full of purpose and hope in a land of promise.