Stuck To You…

“Then the word of the Lord came to him, saying…”
1 Kings 17:8

As a child I loved playing with magnets. It fascinated me how I could cause them to attract or repel each other simply by turning one magnet over. When they were attracting each other, they would quickly stick together and it would be a strain to get them apart.

Today’s verse reminds us that God’s Word acts just like attracting magnets. Once we’re born again the Word of God is attracted to us. Not only is it attracted to us, it wants to stick and hold fast to us. It does not want to ever be separated from us.

Once God’s Word has come to us, we’re told that it starts speaking. Now friends, this is powerful… God’s Word, His creative power that bought everything into existence, wants to speak to us. Imagine what this can create in our lives. God’s plan & purpose exploding in us as He speaks Words of life, but we need to be listening.

This week remember that God’s Word has come for us and is sticking to us. His Word wants to speak to us. Let’s take extra time to listen to what God wants to say. He has powerful Words of life to speak to us. Words that are full of future & hope. As we listen to & obey what He says our lives will begin to move forward and our future will become radiant.