Duck & Weave….

“For what I greatly feared has come upon me, and what I was afraid of has happened to me” 
Job 3:25

As children we had endless hours of fun playing chasing games. One child would head off at top speed only to be pursued closely behind by the other players. We would duck & weave hoping to keep ahead of our pursuers. The winner was always the one that didn’t get caught.

Today’s verse demonstrates how fear pursues us every day trying to catch us. If we allow it to accomplish its desire, it’ll destroy our lives.  2 Timothy teaches us that God didn’t give us a spirit of fear. So, if it’s not from God, we don’t need it.

God has provided us with His power, love and a sound mind to elude fear. If we use them to empower us we’ll diffuse fears capacity to accomplish its evil work. Job discovered the result of fear and it’s a result we do not want in our lives.

This week let’s access God’s promise & empower our lives against fear. God has supplied power, love and a sound mind to keep us ahead of fear every day. When we wield His power through the name of Jesus, walk in His agape love and keep our mind strong through His Word, fear is unable to catch us.