Pay It Forward…

“For all of God’s promises are “Yes” in Jesus and so through him we can say “Amen” to the glory of God” 
2 Corinthians 1:20

After ordering my coffee recently I was preparing to pay when the barrister said that a customer ahead of me had already taken care of it. My coffee had been paid for in full. I was blessed by their generosity not even knowing who they were.

Today’s verse lets us know that Jesus has fully paid for every single promise that God made. Now, all God’s promises are designed to benefit us and never hurt us. They’re to help us on our journey forward. Every promise from God is powerful but the key is to receive what Jesus has already paid for in full.

To do this we must put our “Amen” [or “Yes”] with the “Yes” of Jesus. This means we’re taking the side of God’s Word and no other side. It allows us to start apprehending His unending & eternal promises. Then as we keep believing and speaking His Word without doubt, our “Yes” resonates with the “Yes” of Jesus causing a chorus of fulfilled promises to flood our lives.

This week lets stand on the promises of God anew. Let’s raise our “Yes” with the “Yes” of Jesus over them. Let’s take time to open His Word, the Bible, and locate a promise we need accomplished in our lives. Remember it’s been “Paid for in full!” So, start agreeing with it, believing it, speaking it and accepting it. It will arrive complete, at just the right time, and accomplish all that it was designed to do.