A Masterpiece…

“For we are God’s masterpiece.” 
Ephesians 2:10

There’s a certain thrill that most people feel when they get to view a masterpiece. It matters little whether it’s a book, painting, movie or a piece of music. What matters is the beauty bought forth by the outstanding artistry, skill & workmanship involved. The masterpiece stands above and beyond all others and can endure in our memories for a lifetime.

Today’s verse reminds us of a special masterpiece that has been skilfully crafted to become the best piece ever. It is a very special piece that has artistry, skill & workmanship. The creator of all things has uniquely formed it. That’s right we’re talking about you. YOU ARE A MASTERPIECE.

Many people don’t see themselves this way; rather they think they were thrown together from odds & ends in a rush to get them finished. This is a lie! God’s Word calls us His masterpiece and so we are His masterpiece. It doesn’t matter what our personality is, our shape, our height or our hair colour; we’re all unique masterpieces and God can’t get us out of His mind.

This week let’s shake off all the lies that the devil has told us. We are masterpieces not misfits. We are outstanding, beautiful and carefully crafted for good works. God loves us with a passion. He believes in us and He is empowering us to accomplish every plan and purpose He’s got for us. Liberate yourself today by understanding & believing that YOU ARE A MASTERPIECE!