Let the peace of God act as umpire continually in your hearts deciding and settling with finality all questions that arise in your minds. 
Colossians 3:15

A game of tennis played by seasoned & professional players is often a captivating and exciting experience. I reckon that the unsung hero of every game is the humble umpire. He has to make the hard calls, face the pleadings of the players and is often left with scorn from the crowd. Regardless he carries out his role and ensures that things are kept in order.

Today’s verse tells us about an unsung hero in our lives. It’s the peace of God. It acts as the umpire between our hearts and our mind. These 2 areas seem to experience the greatest amount of trouble & conflict so it’s comforting to know that God has help available to us.

The umpire always stays independent of the players. No matter how angry or sad they get he calls the game as it is played. In a similar way God’s peace doesn’t favour either the heart or the mind. It sides with the Word of God. If it comes down to a tiebreaker between them, then what God’s Word says is where God’s peace will settle and that decision is final.

This week allow the peace of God to become the umpire of your life and sort out the battle between your heart & mind. Simply open up God’s Word, read it and allow the peace of heaven to settle the situation. Like any other skill allowing peace to umpire in our lives takes a little practice. But our lives can never improve unless we allow peace to become the umpire.