Copy This…

So give yourselves to God. Resist the devil, and he will run away from you
James 4:7

A mimic is someone who copies the behaviour, speech or actions of another person. In the right setting this can be humorous & entertaining. But if we mimic the wrong thing or behaviour, we quickly pick up bad habits that become difficult to eradicate from our life. When we mimic the good then our life improves.

Today’s verse tells us to simply mimic God rather than the devil. It lets us know that when we do this, a very powerful thing happens: THE DEVIL RUNS AWAY FROM US. That’s right if you mimic God’s Word in your behaviour, the devil will RUN FROM YOU! Now this sounds like the perfect pastime to get involved in.

To be able to mimic someone we need to study them very closely. It’s very sad that some people are so good at mimicking the devil because the devil is all they’ve ever seen. We have God. When we surrender [or give ourselves] to God and start acting like His Word says the devil hightails it away from our lives.

This week let’s put running shoes onto the devil. Begin by finding just one verse in your Bible that you would like to activate in your life & then mimic [take on the same behaviour, speech & actions] as your verse says. In no time at all the devil will be running away from you and if you keep it up, he will not return.