Talk To Me…

Then those whose lives honored God got together and talked it over
Malachi 3:16

Every life has a story. Every story is unique and every story has a desire to be told. Many people don’t share their life’s story but as born-again believers we’re meant to. Our lives are transformed to honor God and if we don’t put a voice to our story we’ll miss out on a very precious promise from God.

Today’s verse continues by saying “God saw what they were doing and listened in”. There’s the start of the promise right there. When we talk about our God honoring lives God sees us doing it and listens to us. That’s right, we have the eyes of God on us and we have His ears listening to our words as we speak & honor Him. Who wouldn’t want that?

God sees & listens to us as we speak then Malachi says that “A book was opened in God’s presence and minutes were taken of the meeting, with the names of the God-fearers written down, all the names of those who honored God’s name”. WOW… God sees us, hears us and writes our names down in His book with details of what we’ve been talking about, details of how we honored Him.

This week let’s start to shout out our lives. Why not meet with some other believers and talk about your God honoring lives. God’s promise will come into effect as you do. He will see, hear and write our names in His book along with how we honored Him. It will become a part of our permanent record in heaven that lasts through Eternity.