Good Morning…

Rise up and shine, for your light has come
Isaiah 60:1

Has the alarm ever woken you early in the morning and you find yourself a bit lost or disorientated? It takes a few moments to recognize and familiarize yourself to where you are and then to get up and get on with the day. The confusion passes quickly because you knew the reason for the alarm.

Today’s verse reminds us that heaven’s alarm is ringing in our lives. We’re told that our light has already come and therefore now is the time to rise up & shine. The problem is that many believers would rather hit the snooze button and continue sleeping & slumbering but that’s not the plan.

We already have the light that overcomes all darkness. We already have the answers to every question that pertains to life and godliness – it’s His Word: The Bible. What many miss, forget or choose not to do is to “rise up and shine.” From before creation that’s what we’ve been designed to do, so that’s what we should be doing. Don’t ignore the sound from heaven, rather rise up and shine.

This week realize that heaven is calling us to action. The light we need is already here and we’re equipped to shine it brightly. Make today the first day of the rest of your life where you rise up and shine the gospel of peace to all those around you. Talk to them, help them grow in God and become their Godly friend. Before long you’ll see them change and they’ll be eternally grateful that you woke up, obeyed God’s Word and shone His light.