Kinked Flow…

I will make you into a great nation. I will bless you and make your name great, and so you shall be a blessing to others
Genesis 12:2

Have you ever been hosing the garden, taken a step and discovered that the stream of water has faltered & stopped? Looking back along the hose you see a twist and kink that’s stopping any water from passing through. The solution is relatively easy: unkink the hose and the water again freely flows. If you hadn’t looked, you’d not have known the reason for the blockage or how to rectify it.

Today’s verse can help us unkink our lives a bit. We’re told that God will make us, bless us and bring greatness into our world. This is part of God’s Heart for His people and part of the promise He made to Abraham that the Apostle Paul said would come upon us [Galatians 3:14]. But the flow of Blessing seems to be kinked & blocked in many believers’ lives.

The key to a free flow of blessing and an expansive life in God is held in the last part of this verse. Whenever we’re blessed we’re meant to reach out and bless others. We should actively ensure that others are blessed by us at every opportunity. If we don’t then there’s a kink and the flow of blessings falters and stops in our lives.This week let’s check back and see if we’ve been kinking the Blessings of God in our lives through a stingy attitude or a poverty mindset. No matter how little or how much God brings into our lives every believer can afford a kind word, a helping hand or a small gift to help raise someone up to a better place. That’s what we do every week so why not join us on this journey to bring a free flow of blessing back into your life, family, city & nation.