The Commanded Blessing…

How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity!
For there the LORD has commanded his blessing, even life forevermore

Psalm 133:1,3

Have you ever watched soldiers marching drill? As their commander yells out directions they obey instantly and completely. They move as one unit, at one time in one direction. When the next order is issued, they all turn as one and move as instructed. They’re in complete unity. This is why a drill almost becomes a beautiful work of art that we want to keep watching.

Today’s verse tells us about unity in God’s Kingdom. When believers live a life of unity with other believers it becomes a beautiful artwork. The Bible says that unity causes our lives to be both good and pleasant. We’re not a corrupt and antagonistic work of discord like the devil’s kingdom. Whenever believers are unified it is both good & pleasant and so God commands a blessing upon all those involved.

Whenever we’re in unity with our brothers & sisters in Christ, just like the soldiers marching drill, the next command will cause a rapid change of direction. Our very next heavenly command will lead us towards Blessing. This is a command that produces a greater life forevermore to all involved. But if we’re not unified, we’re neither good, pleasant or blessed of God.

This week let’s get unified with our brothers and sisters in the Lord. Let’s find the common ground that will take us into blessing rather than walking the destructive track of selfish opinion and disagreement. It takes both humility and grace to be able to do this but God promises that when we do, He sees our lives as good and pleasant. Then He commands a blessing on all involved. Get ready to be blessed again this week!