Never Forget…

Bless God my soul, don’t forget a single blessing!
Psalm 103:2

Have you ever needed to count a large number of items (stocktaking is an excellent example)? It’s very frustrating when someone unexpectedly interrupts causing you to have to recount the same items again. They broke your focus and so the count was lost from your memory.

Today’s verse encourages us never to lose focus on what God is doing in & around our lives. David tells his soul it has to bless God whether it wants to or not. In other words, he’s telling his soul, mind & intellect to keep focused on the task at hand. That task was thanking God for all the blessings that surrounded his life. His soul was not to forget even one single blessing.

The key to keeping focus on what God’s doing in our lives is to always bless Him for them; no matter what happens. A bad day, a relationship breakdown or receiving a bad report mustn’t stop us. Don’t let any blessing drop from your memory. God is the giver of good gifts & we should bless Him for each and every one.

This week it’s time to have a good talk to our souls. Like David, let’s tell our souls exactly what they need to do. They need to Bless God and not forget a single thing that we’ve received. As we focus on this, we’ll discover a future framed by our blessings that is full of future and hope. That’s what we want & we’re sure that’s the future you desire as well.