Consuming Passion…

Passion for God’s house will consume me.
Psalm 69:9, John 2:17

Has your car ever run out of petrol? Being stranded is always bothersome & inconvenient. It takes time to locate a petrol station plus money to fill that empty tank. We quickly learn that a car without petrol is a car that’s going nowhere. Sometimes in life believers get stranded. It’s often because they lack fuel to move forward. The fuel they lack is called passion.

Today’s verse lets us know that there’s passion available for us. Popular author John Maxwell says “Vision without passion is a picture without possibilities.” In other words passion fuels everything with endless possibility. Everyone needs passion and we have access to it through God’s House. There’s so much passion there that it can totally consume us. We will become passion rather than just having it.

A lack of passion is like living life looking at pictures rather than experiencing the real thing. A passionate life is simply built by connecting with God’s House, the Church. When we do, passion starts to consume us and we start to be consumed by passion. Where we felt stranded in the past, we now feel confident and are fuelled up to move forward into the future.

This week let’s start getting passionate about every area of our lives. If you’re feeling stranded or if you need to discover how to rekindle your passion, grow your passion, or redirect your passion get into God’s House – the Church. Passionate people there will help equip & strengthen you in that place. You will have fuel in your empty tank again that’ll get you moving forward in life again.