That’s Funny…

God will yet fill your mouth with laughter, and your lips with shouting
Job 8:21

There is nothing better than a good laugh. Some people laugh out loud, others giggle and smirk quietly. Laughter is both infectious and attention grabbing. It is a universal language that’s understood by absolutely everyone. People always want to know “What was so funny”

Today’s verse lets us know that God is the one who fills our mouths with laughter. He does this so we’re able to face every obstacle and challenge of life with hope and excitement. Laughter relieves stress and is a powerful spiritual weapon that foils the devil’s plans and delivers victory to us. But laughter has no power until we use it.

Once we start laughing at our problems the enemy runs. That’s because God’s the one who filled our mouth with laughter and the enemy knows he cannot win against God and so he departs. That’ll cause our lips to shout out in victory. The breakthrough we’ve been looking for can simply start by us laughing at our problems rather than crying over them.

This week let’s exercise our laughter. When the devil comes to kill steal & destroy [John 10:10] let’s laugh at him. When he says we’ll never amount to anything let’s laugh even louder. Allow God to fill our mouths with laughter until we’re able to let out a victory shout so loud that the devil can’t stand it. That’s the time when we’ll be rocketing into our future full of happiness, joy and excitement like never before.