The Winners Way…

Stand firm, and you will win life
Luke 21:19

The tallest tree in a forest is usually the tree that has remained standing the longest. It has stood against every adversity, grown through every season and sent its roots deep down into the soil. Now it stands high above all the rest providing shelter from the storms, shade from the heat and hope to all.

Today’s verse tells us that we’re able to be just like this tree. We can become a place of shelter, relief and nourishment to everybody around us. It doesn’t take a theology degree, a leadership role or even a meaningful sermon. It takes just one thing: Standing Firm!

Here are 3 simple but vital, things that will always help us to stand firm…

Don’t yield to the attack – Romans 6:13
Always get back up – Proverbs 24:16
Don’t look back – Philippians 3:13

As we do these 3 things, we stand firmer than ever before becoming essential shelter, relief & nourishment to many other people. We’ll start providing what others need to help, strengthen & encourage them through life.

This week lets be proactive in standing firm. If there’s an attack, take God’s side. If you get knocked down, stand up again. As you run your race don’t look back, just keep moving forward with your eyes on the goal. Before long you’ll be standing tall, standing firm and standing for God. Not only that you’ll also be setup to win life!!!