Real Church…

I was overjoyed when they said: “Let’s go up to the house of the Lord”
Psalm 122:1

Some people right now are living a life that’s full of hopelessness. Others are living a life that seems empty, unfulfilled and lacking joy. Many are living their lives with a continual dream that one day they’ll be able to lift their head out of their brokenness and see their future full of love, hope and destiny. Their dreams can come true and you can be the key to making it happen.

Today’s verse lets us know how people actually feel when we invite them to join us at God’s House – the Church. We’re told they’ll be overjoyed. When we bring them, they’ll receive an infusion of joy & happiness that’ll create vibrant memories that’ll stay with them through their future. All we have to do is ask them to come to Church with us and then God does the rest.

To the hopeless & broken the Church is a shining beacon. When we walk in with them, they’ll become overjoyed by God’s grace, goodness and forgiveness. Their lives will be eternally changed. You and I can be the link to their long-awaited answer. We’re the ones who can connect them to the place that holds their future and where they can get relief. If we never ask them to come to God’s House with us, they’ll stay exactly how they are hopeless, miserable and broken.

This week lets help someone break out if their cycles of misery by inviting them to Church with us. Let’s not just invite them, lets actually take them with us, walk them in, sit with then & introduce them around. God’s Word says they’ll be overjoyed even if they’re not showing it. Psalm 30:11-12 says God will turn their mourning into dancing and their silence into praise. God Word is true; His Church is real and lives are being changed through it every day.