Tending Time…

Tend an orchard and you’ll have fruit to eat
Proverbs 27:18

Does the neighbour’s garden always look greener and lusher than yours? They’re probably spending more time, energy & resources tending it to achieve a superior result. There’s no use complaining about how great their garden looks. Yours would have the same result if you tended it with the same fervour & love as they do.

Today’s verse shows us a key promise from God’s Word. We’re told that whatever we tend, watch over, guard & nurture will produce fruit. The fruit produced is intended for the person or people who nurtured it. They each benefit from their nurture. It would be wrong to never tend & nurture something but still expect to eat what it produces. [Deuteronomy 32:4]

The Church you go to is an orchard of God [Psalm 92:12-15]. As we tend, watch over, guard & nurture this place we receive from the bountiful fruits produced there. Anyone who only turns up occasionally and never gets involved shouldn’t expect to partake of God’s great riches in that place. Any believer who plants, cares and tends in their Church will always have a bounty of produce available for their lives.

This week let’s do something to cause our Church to flourish. Discover an area that’s needs nurture then use some of your time, energy & resource to tend it. Before long it’ll be producing fruit. The more fruit it produces the more attention it will gain from the onlookers. When others want to produce the same fruit as you, you’ll be able to show them how. It’s time for the Church of God to Flourish so tend it well so it can!