Be Immovable…

Be strong and immovable
1 Corinthians 15:58

It amazes me that after the greatest storm or tsunami there are still trees that remain standing. They’ve been battered, beaten & scared but they endure. In no time at all they sprout, grow and flourish again. They’ve withstood the storm, it didn’t kill them, it simply made them stronger.

In today’s verse the Apostle Paul lets us know that we, like these trees, should be both strong & immovable. We’re to firmly stand on God’s Word and remain in the place He’s planted us [Psalm 92:12-15]. We’re not meant to yield & run when life’s storms hit. We’re to stay strong & immovable, let the storm pass and then flourish & grow again.

Many believers run & hide every time there’s opposition. That’s really not God’s way and we never see Jesus doing this. Whenever opposition hits, we’re to remain strong and immovable in God’s promises. This enables us to endure, remain & flourish again… rather than being washed away & wrecked in life.

This week let’s firm up our roots so we can be both strong & immovable through future storms. We’re taught in Colossians 2:7 to let our roots grow down into God as we build our lives up in Him. Let’s see how deep we can go in God by digging into His Word, the Bible. It’s a lot easier than we think to become both strong & immovable in life.