One Simple Decision…

As for me and my house, we will serve the LORD
Joshua 24:15

Have you ever made a decision that has affected your future? It may have been relocating for work, committing to a mortgage or helping someone in a desperate time of need. You had to make the hard decision and then work towards the goal that you had set. It wasn’t always easy but the result was far beyond what you imagined.

In today’s verse Joshua tells us about the decision that made his life so successful. Joshua’s decision was that he and his whole family would serve the Lord. No matter what mistakes & mishaps had happened in the past this decision would define the future for his whole family for generations to come. That’s right, this one decision pivoted his family and a whole nation into a Godly & prosperous future. Making a similar decision can have a similar result for you.

Everybody serves something or someone. Joshua explained how easy it is to serve the familiar things around us. He tells us how easy it is to serve the things of our past or the things of the culture that surround us. His exhortation was that these things would not produce anything of eternal value in our lives. Serving the one and only true God is the only way to advance in life and add value & strength to our future generations.

This week let’s make sure our decisions line up with Joshua’s: Serving the Lord. If we discover they don’t then let’s stop, evaluate and re-target our future towards this important goal. Our lives will start to move in a Godly direction and the future generations will be equipped to move powerfully in the things of God even when under intense resistance. Your decision can change the course of future generation if you make the same decision Joshua made.