New Thoughts…

“My thoughts are nothing like your thoughts,” says the Lord
Isaiah 55:8

Have you discovered that life seldom works out the way you thought? When we’re young our minds are filled with possibilities, plans & progress. We think we can do anything… and often do. As the journey of life progresses, we discover that we didn’t know as much as we thought we did. Life never stops, instead it just keeps offering us golden opportunities to get into God’s Word and gain His wisdom. When we have Wisdom, we can keep progressing forward with surety.

Today’s verse contains a potent truth that we must always remember. God’s thoughts are nothing like ours. It doesn’t matter how good or how God we think our thoughts are, they’re nothing compared to His. God’s thoughts are always perfect & every single one of His promises proves true [Psalm 18:30]. 

So how can we access this rich fountain of great wisdom? We do this by continually building our lives on God’s Word rather than on our own way of thinking. This can be a struggle when we start [Romans 7:14-25] but as we continue to press in, we’ll discover success is surrounding us. God wants to supply wisdom & speak knowledge and understanding to us [Proverbs 2:6]. God is the best adviser we can have in life & living so don’t ignore Him listen to Him.

This week let’s remember that our thoughts on any particular situation will most likely be nothing like God’s. If we want to grow & move forward in life, surrounding ourselves with favour & success, we need to look into God’s Word – the Bible. It well let us know exactly what God thinks plus it’ll let us know what we need to do about it.