Getting an A+ Result…

Anyone who meets a testing challenge head-on and manages to stick it out is blessed
James 1:12

Have you ever sat a test that you hadn’t prepared for? The result was normally devastating with results far below average. Those who learnt their work & studied prior to the test seemed to breeze through it with confidence, high scores and apparent ease. These people had prepared prior to the test. Those who didn’t failed to produce the same A+ results.

Today’s verse lets us know that whenever we’re prepared for a challenge and we stick it out, we’ll be bountifully rewarded. Everybody yearns for a life with ease & blessing but it’s impossible to accomplish without preparing for the opposition that comes. We must be pre-prepared with God’s Word & and His ways to stick out the challenges no matter what is happening around us.

James 1:12 continues to tell us that “When we pass the test loyally in love with God, the reward is life and more life.” In other words we can receive life in fullness simply by arming ourselves with God’s Word, walking steadfastly in His ways, loving Him with our whole heart and by never giving up. The Bible says that’s what produces a blessed life that doesn’t disappoint.

This week let’s start to set ourselves up for an A+ God result in this year. Let’s get into God’s Word & prepare for any challenges that may arise Let’s ensure we’re doing things God’s way and not our own. Let’s love God wholly, letting nothing & no one come between us. Let’s stick solidly to the journey we’re on with God no matter what it looks like. Always remember we’re praying & believing for you each & every day knowing that God’s plan is continually being produced through you. We’re believing this year that you will be rewarded with life and more life just like James 1 says.