A Thrilling Ride…

Instead you thrill to God’s Word

Theme parks & funfairs are packed full of high adrenaline rides & activities. Some people will travel across continents & oceans just to experience what they offer. They wait hours in line just to feel the exhilaration, excitement and buzz that one ride offers. They enjoy the thrill that they get, the memories they’re creating and the stories they’ll share with others. This all comes from a short minute’s journey on a carnival ride.

Today’s verse lets us know how we, as believers, can get a genuine thrill in life. This thrill comes as we take a promise from God’s Word, apply our faith and never give up until we see that promise working in our lives. The thrill that this gives will build the greatest memories and produce stories that will inspire and activate others into action in God’s kingdom. The problem is that too many believers are looking for their thrills in all the wrong place.

Our verse commences with the word “Instead”. This shows that society looks everywhere else for its thrill rather than God’s Word. People will look to money, entertainment, addictions and their friends for their thrills. So instead of looking everywhere else let’s look into God’s Word and we’ll quickly discover where the greatest thrills exist.

This week let’s refocus on the exhilaration & excitement that’s found only in God’s Word. Try grabbing a promise that you desire from His treasury and then apply your faith to it. Don’t give up until you see that promise transforming your situation & life. Let the thrill of this success direct you back into His Word to pick up yet another promise. Let them build your memories and don’t forget to share your thrilling stories with everyone you meet.