A Golden Rule…

No one who puts a hand to the plow and looks back is fit for service in the kingdom of God
Luke 9:62

“Don’t look back” was a golden rule when running foot races at school. If we constantly turned to see where our opponents were we’d slow down & stray from our lanes. The best way to win was to simply keep looking forwarding towards the finish & give all our energies to reaching it.

Today’s verse lets us know that it’s similar in God’s kingdom. We’re shown that, once we’ve started doing things God’s way, we should never return to the old way of doing them. We’re told that this is the same for each & every one of us. Our own ways may be good but God’s way is always brilliant. Every time we do things God’s way, we get good success.

The thing is it’s not always easy. Our mind & logic continually try to turn our head back to look at the ways we used to accomplish things. These were our own selfish ways instead of God’s generous ways. When we look back like this, we make ourselves unfit for the best result that God has intended.

This week let’s actively focus on God’s way of doing things in our lives. Let’s choose one area in which we’re struggling and then try solving it God’s way rather than our own. As we do this, we’ll become fit for God’s Kingdom & His result. Then let’s confidently move onto another area that we can work out in our lives God’s way. Before long we’ll be moving forward and the temptation to look back, slow down and lose direction will be a far gone memory. We’ll be experiencing God’s best in more areas of our lives as we flourish into our future.