Pray This Way…

Our Father in Heaven…
Matthew 6:9-13

One of the first prayers we learn, even as a child, is the Lord’s Prayer. Jesus taught this simple prayer to His disciples telling them to “pray this way”. This prayer is recited by multitudes of believers worldwide daily. Some believers understand its power and how it can ignite & increase our faith, many however do not and the prayer is just a ritual of obedience & religion.

Today’s verses commence with “Our Father in heaven…” It is essential that He is our source & the supply of everything. When we need anything at all our first port of call must be God. It shouldn’t be our financial advisors, legal team or even our treasured family members. When we approach God first, we open up the infinite treasures of His promises. These treasures provide all the wisdom, hope & favour we’ll need. When we go to God first, we empower Him to direct us to the right people, in the right places, at the right time.

In the verses following Jesus demonstrates 4 vital areas that should always be taken to God first…

Provision >> “Give us” v11
Direction >> “Lead us” v13
Protection >> “Deliver us” v13
Pardon >> “Forgive us” v12

This week let’s empower God to connect us with the answers of His promises. If we need provision, direction, protection or pardon let’s do what Jesus said by taking it in prayer to our Father first. Let’s be open, honest & real in our prayer so we can receive all the wisdom, hope & favour we’ll need. Then start giving thanks to Him for what He will do [1 Thessalonians 5:18]. Before long we’ll be looking at our answer, excited that we did it God’s way & got His results.