Dreams Released…

The LORD was with him
Genesis 39:2, 3, 21, 23

Do you have a God dream of the future that you’re still waiting to see? These dreams easily ignite our passion, fill us with hope & we can’t easily set them aside. They consume our thinking, fuel our passion & inspire us with great excitement. Other people might not understand them but they’re our dream, our future & our hope. We just want to see them happen in our life.

Today’s verse tells us about the dreamer Joseph. God gave him amazing dreams concerning his future. But these dreams were Joseph’s destination not his reality. The journey to them proved difficult, confusing & at times extremely disappointing. As Joseph held onto his dreams everybody forgot about him. Except God! The Lord was with him when no one else was.

The Lord protected, prospered & promoted Joseph on this journey. God gave him favour & blessing as he diligently took care of what had been entrusted to him. Then in one day Joseph was promoted from the prison to the palace and he lived out the dreams that God had given him. We can live out our dreams in a similar way.

This week let’s remember that God wants us to live out the dreams He’s given to us. We must be like Joseph and diligently take care of everything God entrusts to us on the journey. Even when others fail or forget us remember that God is with us. He has solid plans to protect, prosper & promote us. As we move through God’s journey, He’ll get us from the prison to the palace. Then we’ll be walking in the fullness of the dreams we dreamt.