Pocket Holes…

Your wages disappear as though you’re putting them in pockets filled with holes!
Haggai 1:6

It’s happened to us all at one time or another. We’ve placed a precious item into our pocket only to discover that it’s missing when we’ve gone to retrieve it. We quickly discover a hole. If we’d known about the hole, we would’ve repaired it. Now the treasure is gone and if we don’t fix it everything will keep disappearing.

This week’s verse tells us about something we can all relate to. It tells us about lack. It talks about not having enough to cover our needs. The prophet Haggai says that we can work hard, earn plenty of wages but still not pay for everything. We come up short every week. It’s like there are holes in the pockets where our wages are kept. God’s solution to this is for us to “Consider our ways” [Haggai 1:7]

So, what ways should we be considering if we want to mend the holes in our lives? God says we should consider this: “My house lies in ruins, while all of you are busy building your own fine house”[Haggai 1:9]. To mend the holes throughout our lives we must think about how we’re going to contribute to the building of God’s magnificent House, the Church. Once we do this, we’re to act on it & make it happen. This will transform our pockets holes into holy pockets & give us access to God’s powerful promises of provision.

This week let’s take a frank & honest look at what we’re building with our lives, finances & friendships. Are we building God’s House, the Church, or are we simply building our own personal castles? God’s House is built when we use our lives, finances & friendships to strengthen & increase His Church. It’s not good enough to simply think about it, we must actually do it! Then, before long, the holes in our lives will begin to mend giving us a future that’s expansive & full.