Love Connection…

I am convinced that nothing can ever separate us from the Love of God
Romans 8:38

Have you ever been vacuuming and taken one-step to far causing the power cord to disconnect from the socket? Everything stops. As we follow the cord back, we quickly discover the problem. As soon as we reconnect the power, we’re able to continue on with our task until it is completed. It was a momentary problem that was easily overcome.

In today’s verse Paul shares a powerful revelation concerning God’s agape love. He lets us know that we are inseparable from it. We’re told that no one has the power to break this bond. But sometimes we make decisions that cause us to disconnect. At these times we instantly feel drained and heavy. We feel as if someone has pulled out the plug.

The solution to overcoming these situations is as simple as following the cord back to the socket. We must track back through our decisions looking for the ones that disconnected us. Then as we make decisions based in His love we’ll reconnect & re-power. We’ll discover that it was a momentary problem that we easily overcame.

This week let’s make great decisions to stay connected to God through His agape love. If we’re feeling heavy or drained in this area let’s find our disconnection and put it right. Let’s not blame other people or circumstances. Let’s not make up excuses and reasons. Let’s find the problem, make the decisions and reconnect to the power of God’s Love. This will put us back on our journey and cause our future to be so much better than our past.