Focus & Notice…

This is the LORD’s doing, and it is wonderful to see
Psalm 118:23

Have you ever had someone say “quick look at that” only to miss what they were pointing out. I’m sure this happens to most of us regularly. Some things appear so quickly that we have little time to focus & notice them. The only way to see them again in the future is to be ready & prepared to look at them on the next occasion.

Today’s verse prepares us for what we should be looking at in life. We’re told to look out for what the Lord is doing, not just what He’s already done. What God is doing is wonderful. We should constantly be prepared & focused to notice. Even the smallest things that God does are wonderful & magnificent. The smallest things He does easily surpass the greatest things that we are ever able to obtain without Him.

We need to understand that God is up to something right now in our lives. Right now, we should be looking & preparing to see exactly what that is. It’s going to be something wonderful, magnificent & valuable. It’s going to be something we desire & something that we really want. But we will fail to see it if we aren’t prepared to look for it.

This week let’s not look at our problems, pain or difficulties. Let’s look at what the Lord is doing instead. He is doing something wonderful in our lives. It isn’t something hidden or disguised. We’ll see it easily; we’ll know it’s from God and we’ll know it’s for us, so don’t look away. Look right at what God is doing in your life this week and then don’t break gaze with Him as you enter a magnificent future.