God’s Hand…

The LORD’s hand is not too short to deliver you
Isaiah 59:1

Have you ever reached out to grab something only to discover that it’s just out of reach? Even stretching and moving doesn’t seem to close the gap. It may as well be miles away because we’re unable to physically touch it. If only our hand was a little longer, we’d have it and be happy.

Today’s verse lets us know about God’s hand. We’re told that His hand is never short. It is able to touch everything that needs His touch. Isaiah is telling us that when God reaches his hand out, He delivers & saves us. There is no time in our life when God doesn’t want to do this. Even when we feel we are far from Him He is still reaching into our lives to help.

In the book of Acts Stephen tells us that “God’s hand made everything” [Acts 7:50]. So, when God reaches into our life, He can create everything we need. Many people spend their lives running about playing cat & mouse with God but when we are still & acknowledge Him [Psalm 46:10] His hand is able to save, heal & deliver us into our future.This week let’s be still & acknowledge God [Psalm 46:10]. If we’ve been playing games with Him let’s stop and allow Him to reach out & touch our lives afresh. Let’s allow God to touch everything needed in our lives allowing His hand to create our future. His hand makes everything, so why not let Him make you.