A Wise Journey…

We saw His star as it rose, and we have come to worship him
Matthew 2:2

In life we see things and ignore them. This can result in something happening that is less than what we’d expected. Ignoring a red traffic light or a no walking sign for example can have devastating results. When we see something, we’ve seen it for a reason. When we respond correctly, we receive a great result.

Today’s verse shows the great wisdom used by the 3 wise men at the birth of Jesus. When they saw His star rising, they set out on a journey. Their destination was worshipping the Messiah. If they’d never taken action with what they’d seen they’d never have reached their destination. The Bible would’ve been silent about them & their journey.

It’s easy to ignore what God is doing in our lives. If we use wisdom, we’ll start worshipping Jesus the instant we see even a glimpse of what He’s doing. We may not even understand exactly why it’s happening or even what it’ll eventually look like. But the moment we decide to worshipping Him with fervent thanks we’ve become wise knowing we’ll see His result in our lives.

God is always doing something in our lives so this week let’s look to see exactly what that is. He never sleeps [Psalm 121:4] but is continually working with us [Philippians 2:13]. So, let’s look to see what He’s doing, then bring our worship & thankfulness to Him before we even see a result. As we continue on our worship journey, we’ll receive the same results as the 3 wise men.