Everything is Beautiful…

God has made everything beautiful in its time
Ecclesiastes 3:11

As a child many of us probably remember hearing the story of the ugly duckling. How a homely little bird, born in a barnyard, was teased by all the other animals. The little bird didn’t look like what they expected. Much to its delight, as it grows up and matured it becomes a beautiful swan. What once seemed ugly has now become beautiful.

Today’s verse lets us know God’s plan of beauty. His plan & purpose for everything is that it becomes beautiful. But we have to allow time for that to happen. Genesis 1:31 says that: “God looked over all He had made, and He saw that it was very good!” So, everything God made is very good but at first glance we don’t always see it that way. Sometimes things can look awful, ugly and a little bit homely.

The longer we stay in God’s Word & His Presence the more beautiful things become. Given enough time everything can mature. What may have looked awful & ugly has the potential to become beautiful. But if we don’t allow the time for it to grow & mature, we’ll never see the splendour it contains.

This week let’s work on finding the beauty that surrounds us. If we notice something that is not as lovely as we expect, let’s give it a little more time to grow & mature. As we stay in God’s Word, continue worshipping & believing Him everything will become beautiful in its time. What seemed like impossible at first glance will be possible & will be transformed into beauty.