I am the light of the world.
No one who follows me stumbles around in the darkness
I provide plenty of light to live in.
John 8:12

Have you ever stumbled around in the night looking for a light switch? It’s hard not to bang & bump into things that can’t be seen. It’s very difficult to remember exactly where everything is and so much noise is produced that everyone is woken up. If only there was a small amount of light so that things would become so much easier. Once we have some light things becomes visible and are easily found. Peace & tranquillity return quickly.

This week’s verse reminds us that Jesus is the true light that we must value in our life. Without Jesus people will clumsily stumble around in darkness trying to find their own way through life. But with Jesus we’re guaranteed there’s no stumbling, no darkness & plenty of light. As we follow Jesus, we live our lives His way: productive, purposeful and with peace & tranquillity.

There is plenty of light for our lives when we follow Jesus. There are no dark places where His light cannot shine & overcome [John 1:5]. His light never leaves or abandons us [Hebrews 13:5]. His light shines through our lives causing others to glorify God in Heaven [Matthew 5:16].So, this week let’s not stumble around in darkness. Instead let’s take this powerful promise from Jesus & enter fully into His Life of true light. As we follow Him & what He says in His Word, we’ll become sure-footed & stable. Our future will be visible and the road ahead will become so much more productive & purposeful being filled with His peace & tranquillity