Not Everything Changes…

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever
Hebrews 13:8

Everything seems to be changing. Many of our favourite brands seem to be disappearing daily at the market whilst our technology seems to need updating constantly. There’s a continual stream of announcements about changed rules & rulers, everything seems insecure. With all these changes we must find stability.

Today’s verse lets us know that the only stability in life comes from Jesus. He is the same yesterday & today & forever. Without Jesus we’d be swept into a maelstrom of change that would seem unbearable & unliveable. The anchor of our lives must be Jesus. He is unchangeable so that we can have stability & peace on our journey forward.

This doesn’t mean that we should let our lives stagnate. We must always be open and ready for change to happen. When things do change we must look to Jesus to find stability in the change. Even when life seems chaotic or out of control, Jesus is always our stability. He gives us continuity & opportunity for our future. Jesus is stable, the same yesterday & today & forever!

This week let’s find our stability in Jesus. No matter what storm or unsteadiness comes our way let’s make Jesus our strong foundation [1 Corinthians 3:11]. Let’s build our lives His way so that they’re stable. Let’s live our lives His way so that they’re steady. Let’s keep holding onto His promises so we’re able to enter a great future that’s filled with hope & joy