Making 2017 Count…

“I am the Alpha & the Omega, the First & the Last,
the Beginning & the End”
Revelations 22:13

It’s impossible to finish something that’s never been started. A race cannot be won unless we leave the starting line. A cake cannot be baked unless we first gather the ingredients. A masterpiece cannot be painted without inspiration. If we have the right stuff at the beginning then the finished product will be better than expected.

This weeks verse is Jesus speaking. He’s letting us know how we can have fullness in everything we do. Whenever we include Jesus at the start of anything, He’ll help us carry it onto completion. He’ll stick with it all the way to the end [Philippians 1:6]. But, if we decide not to embrace Jesus at the beginning we’ll be on our own. We’ll be responsible for the outcome, not Him.

January is the perfect time of the year to put Jesus into our 2017. Lets include Him & His way of doing things into every project, task & test we face. Remembering that Jesus will never fail or abandon us [Hebrews 13:5]. Now, it’s easy for us to make excuses & have reasons why we can’t. But let’s be intentional & deliberate this year and just make it happen.

In the week ahead let’s get 2017 off to the right start. Let’s not concern ourselves with our already failed New Years resolutions. Let’s start today by being intentional & deliberate about including Jesus in everything. Let’s make sure we’re doing things His way & not ours. In no time at all we’ll be looking back over this year exclaiming how glad we are that we included Jesus & did things His way.