An Island Getaway…

“Whoever isolates himself pursues his own desire; he resists all sound advice” Proverbs 18:1

Sometime when life gets hectic & overwhelming our mind starts looking for an escape. Our imagination takes us to a deserted tropical Island where there is nothing but a palm tree, hammock and a cool drink. We live like a castaway with no pressure, people or things to do. This Island getaway is simply a trap. Isolating ourselves is not the answer to our problems or to the pressures of life.

Today’s verse says that isolation isn’t God’s way. God created each of us and He knows what’s best for us. God said at creation [Genesis 2:18] that it isn’t good, beneficial or pleasing for us to be isolated. Today’s verse explains why. When we separate ourselves from others we’re breeding selfishness. We are seeking our own desire rather than God’s. Isolating ourselves will not solve any problem or release any of life’s pressure. We’re simply trapping & hurting ourselves.

Our verse continues on to reminds us that if we selfishly persist in isolation we will end up resisting all sound advice & wisdom. This includes the rich treasure of wisdom from God’s Word and also input from His counsel in our lives [Proverbs 15:22]. Isolation will take us on a road to destruction that is not intended for the born-again believer.

This week let’s getaway from the Islands of isolation that we have escaped to. Let’s reconnect with Godly people who we may have carelessly pulled away from. Let’s build some new bridges with other Christians who are reaching out to help us. Let’s be vigilant not to repeat our destructive past by isolating and separating from others. Then get ready because in no time at all life will flourish.