Soldier’s Don’t…

“Soldiers don’t get tied up in the affairs of civilian life, for then they cannot please the officer who enlisted them.”
2 Timothy 2:4

A nations army takes great care of their soldiers. They take care of all the daily needs of the troops so they can focus on what is needed to apprehend victory in the battle. When a soldier gets tied up in the day-to-day affairs & cares of life they can no longer be effective. They wouldn’t please the one who enlisted them. Victory would be impossible. How much more does God want to take care of His soldiers?

Today’s verse has a rich lesson for us on how to successfully serve Jesus. You and I are His soldiers. As soldiers we must not get tied up & intertwined with the things of day-to-day life. When life become busy it’s increasingly easy for us to simply yield control over to our circumstances. This allows the choking vines of life to enter & grow as they steal the very breath from us. This is not what Jesus wants from His soldiers.

In reality most of our daily needs have little eternal value. They are simply things we have to do. Jesus wants to take care of them so we’re able to please Him. As we lay them aside, releasing their weight to Jesus, we become effective soldiers in His army. Effective soldier’s who can war with Christ on the journey towards eternity.

This week let’s take up our position as one of Christ’s soldiers. Let’s release the weight of our temporal matters to Jesus. Let’s allow Him to care for us. Let’s focus on the eternal value of life rather than our today. As we keep moving forward God’s army will become stronger, our future will become better and Jesus will be well pleased.