Water Damage…

“…if you have faith and do not doubt…”
Matthew 21:21

Doubt gets into our life & minds like slowly seeping water. What was a damp spot yesterday is now a pool today and could be a raging river by next week. Doubt in any quantity is very destructive. If we allow even the smallest amount of doubt to seep in it’ll cause damage & destruction until a whole river of it floods our future.

In todays verse Jesus reminds us to have faith and do not doubt. The more faith we have the less doubt can seep in. Often in life we tire of fighting the fight of faith. We become weary as doubt starts to dampen our faith, pool in our mind as it becomes a river that floods our whole being. Suddenly faith has gone & we are left with a toxic pool of doubt.

Doubt causes delay in our lives. It is a much-loved weapon of the devil and a deception from the enemy. It is used as a destructive tool to stop us walking in overcoming faith [Hebrews 11]. But there is a way to overcome doubt.

This week let’s fight off doubt by activating these 6 vital faith keys in our life. Let’s boldly declare & speak them over our lives, situations, families & circumstances

  • God has heard my prayers
  • My answer is on the way
  • My Faith keeps doubt away
  • I’m going to keep going no matter what it looks like
  • I will continue to obey God & His Word
  • I will continue to follow His instructions on the path He is leading me

Why not print them out & stick them to your bathroom mirror. Place them so they’re the first things you see every morning. They’ll help you fight the good fight of faith and apprehend your victory in Jesus name.