Get Wisdom Today…

“Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all your getting get understanding” 
Proverbs 4:7

Everything starts somewhere. Babies start crawling long before they commence walking. After walking they learn to run. If we don’t crawl, we will never walk, and we’ll never be able to experience running. Everything in life starts small and then grows & matures into what it should be.

Today’s verse teaches us about wisdom and understanding. It lets us know that wisdom is the principal [or number 1 thing] we need in life. Wisdom is not something that is given, like a gift. It is something that we must go out and obtain. Wisdom is something that we must seek, pursue & gather to have in our lives. Once we have it, we grow in it!

Wisdom is not just something that we should have a passing interest in. It is something that we should have knowledge & understanding about. In other words, once we’ve obtained wisdom we must use it. It’s not an ornament in our lives, it’s meant to shape, fashion and form us into what God desires.

This week let’s get more wisdom. If wisdom has lacked in our past then let’s get started today in turning that around. Wisdom is simple to obtain. Just open your Bible and ask God to reveal His wisdom to you, then start reading and studying to understand what the Bible is saying. Before long you’ll discover that not only do you have wisdom but you also have understanding. Use this to shape, fashion and form your life just as God intends.