For nothing is impossible with God
Luke 1:37

Crossword puzzles can provide endless hours of entertainment for many people. We ponder & think on the clues trying to join the words together so we eventually solve the puzzle. Occasionally one clue will stump us and no matter how small it is it stops us from completing the crossword. Our lives can sometimes feel like that complicated crossword puzzle.

Today’s verse reminds us about a powerful facet of God. He has a solution for every puzzle we face in life. No matter how difficult, complicated or impossible the situation is, when God’s included there’ll always be a great solution. The problem is we often want to solve it without God and we end up getting stumped and disheartened then we give up.

The key is simply to get God involved in these areas as quickly as possible. Don’t carry a hard or difficult situation all by yourself. Take it to prayer and ask God to help you solve it with love, wisdom and compassion. He has provided a way through and the Holy Spirit wants to show it to you.

This week let’s write “NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE WITH GOD” across our bathroom mirror so we don’t forget. Whatever problem, puzzle or difficulty arises in our lives let’s remember that “NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE WITH GOD”. Then let’s take each area to God in prayer and listen to His response. Before long the areas of life that have had us stumped will become areas of ease. Life will be flourishing and become enjoyable again.