and suddenly there came from heaven… Acts 2:2
and suddenly there appeared… Luke 2:13
and suddenly there was… Acts 16:26

Have you ever had to wait for someone? Minutes can seem like hours and hours can seem like years. We try to amuse ourselves but it feels like they’re never going to reappear. Eventually they do, the wait was worth it and what felt like an eternity now seems like nothing at all.

This trio of verses reminds us that the answer to what’s distressing us is on its way. God is powerful and He is actively working in each of our lives. If things seem unbearable at the moment, know that God himself is on our side, and He is working to turn things around. The solution will often appear suddenly and in an instant everything will begin to change.

In Acts 2:2 the Holy Spirit suddenly came to abide with us, Acts 16:26 Paul & Silas were suddenly supernaturally freed from prison and in Luke 2:13 the angels suddenly appeared to glorify Jesus the Saviour of mankind. All were difficult situations; all required the supernatural power of God and all happened SUDDENLY!

This week let’s get prepared for our lives to change suddenly. Whatever the distress, difficulty or impossibility is, why not invite the power of God in to change it. Even though we may have waited a long time, when the solution suddenly appears it will all seem worth it. The wait will seem like nothing at all.