A Better Choice…

I can do ALL THINGS through Christ who strengthens me
Philippians 4:13

Have you ever made a recipe and inadvertently omitted a vital ingredient? The result can be something horrible rather than something wonderful. It may have looked bad, smelt bad or tasted disgusting. It was simply because a vital ingredient was missed out. An ingredient that was necessary for a successful outcome.

Today’s verse lets us know a vital ingredient for a successful life. We’re instructed to do ALL THINGS through Christ. When we do this Christ strengthens us. Many believers today live weak lives because they only ever do some things, rather than ALL THINGS, through Him.

When life seems unsuccessful & weak rather than giving up let’s change. If we just keep doing what we’ve always done nothing alters. Change is the key. Get into God’s Word, the Bible, and discover His way of doing every part of your life. Then do what the Bible says. This is how we do ALL THINGS through Christ and that’s how He is able to strengthen us and cause us to be successful.

So, this week let’s remember that doing nothing is giving up. Don’t give up. Get into God’s Word and start bringing a different area each day under His Word. Live His way rather than yours and Christ will bring His strength into your life. Before long discouragement will leave as His strength replaces it. God’s Word always leads us to a successful and prosperous future.