All About Time…

They will lay their hands on the sick, and they will recover
Mark 16:18

Have you ever been reorganizing your things and discovered a card with some money still in it? You vaguely remember receiving it & putting it away safely. Your discovery makes you very happy & the extra cash sure comes in handy.

Today’s verse shows us something that’s hidden which needs to be rediscovered. It’s part of the great commission, the very last thing Jesus instructed all believers to do. Jesus said to lay hands on the sick but very few believers actually do. When we do, we’re actually fulfilling the great commission and people will recover from their sicknesses.

One reason believers haven’t fulfilled this part of the great commission is they’re ignorant of it or have forgotten that Jesus said it. When we start treating this truth like the great treasure in a lost card, we’ll see sick people recovering. Laying hands on them is a rich treasure Jesus entrusted to us. But if we don’t start doing it now then people will be robbed of the healing God has for them.

This week let’s get bold. Let’s take Jesus’ final instruction and do exactly what He said. Find someone, anyone, who is sick and ask if you can pray for them. When they agree hold hands and pray. Allow God’s healing anointing to flow to them and commence its restoration. Mark 16:17 simply says that as we believe, miracles will happen, and people will be restored