Alone at Last…

Jesus went out… 
Luke 6:12

Have you ever tried to have an intimate conversation in a very noisy room? It’s often extremely difficult. Not only is it hard to hear but also important responses are either lost or diminished because of all the clatter. In a quiet environment conversation is more restful, understood & profitable. The problem is that there are few quiet places that people go to.

Today’s verse gives us insight into the value that Jesus placed on a less busy environment. When Jesus needed to hear from the father he went out and found a place of peace. In this place He could hear & understand exactly what Heaven desired. There was little noise, clatter and confusion to distract & distort what was happening. As believers we need a place to be alone and hear from God.

One of the most difficult transitions for both new & seasoned Christians is gaining the ability to quieten life down by reducing the pandemonium that surrounds them. It simply takes continual decisions to go out from the noise & go into a peaceful place just like Jesus did. Then we’re able to hear clearly and understand exactly what heaven desires.

This week let’s take some time to find solitude in the business of life. For some it may be a coffee shop with their Bible. For others it might be on the veranda of their house. Others will discover a place by the mountains, near the sea or in a park. It will be a place that allows our mind to be hushed and get reconnected to God. Once found simply listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit as he leads, direct and encourages into a brilliant future.