Pop-Up Store…

“Truth lasts; lies are here today, gone tomorrow”
Proverbs 12:19

The current fad in retailing seems to be the “Pop-up Store”. These shops are small, temporary and plentiful. They pop up in popular locations one day then disappear soon after. They sell highly desirable & popular items that interest & engage the customer. Once they sell their product they disappear never to be seen again.

Today’s verse lets us know that lies are just like Pop-up stores. There are many of them. They appear in popular places. They offer desirable words that engage & interest the listener. But, just like pop-up stores, lies will disappear after a short time. No one will remember who actually said them or what they were actually about.

On the other hand, department stores are like truth. They are establishments that have stood the test of time & aren’t going to disappear quickly. Macy’s, Sears or Myers have each been trading for centuries. They are like truth. They’ve outlasted all their fleeting competitors & pop-ups remaining strong over the longest time. Truth will always outlive any lie so never buy into a lie – stand with the truth.This week let’s make a decision to pursue truth at all cost. Let’s not allow ourselves to enter the pop-up store of lies. Let’s not buy into its desirable words & popular items [2 Timothy 4:3]. Instead let’s stand tall for the truth that will outlast every lie spoken [Ephesians 6:14]. Not only does this cause our lives to flourish, it also causes us to walk in freedom like never before [John 8:32].