Eternal Investments…

Don’t hoard treasure down here… Stockpile treasure in heaven
Matthew 6:19-20

It’s easy for people to start stockpiling and storing things that they believe they’ll need in their future. An overwhelming fear of lack & insufficiency can drive people to accumulate vast amounts of belongings, finance & supplies so that they’ll feel secure in the coming years. Hoarder’s often hide, guard & carefully preserve their treasures but ultimately much of it remains unused, decays and is lost.

Today’s verse helps us see God’s reason why we shouldn’t hoard stuff here on earth. We’re told that the hoarder’s stash will be eaten, corrupted & stolen here. It will ultimately become useless & unproductive. In contrast, when we stockpile our treasure in heaven, everything becomes safe, secure & profitable. We are actually building our future rather than protecting our present.

We only get to spend a short number of decades here on earth. Our longest time, by far, will be spent in eternity. It makes complete sense to redirect & stockpile our treasure in the eternal Heaven rather than on this temporal Earth. It’s not hard to store our treasure in Heaven. We simply do what God’s Word says with our stuff rather than what we selfishly want to do. Our treasure then builds where we’ll end up rather than where we’re at right now.

This week let’s get real with ourselves. Let’s take a little time to consider what we’re investing in ourselves & what we’re actually stockpiling in Heaven. If we truly believe in Heaven & eternity then we’ll be directing our treasure there. We’ll be making decisions to deal with our stuff the way the Bible says. We’ll be building our eternal future plus we’ll enable ourselves to have a far greater life whilst here on earth.