Attitude of Gratitude…

They knew God, but they wouldn’t worship him as God or even give him thanks
Romans 1:21

Have you ever done something for someone and received their thanks in return? Everyone feels appreciated when they’re thanked. Whether it’s for something large or small, a thank you always speaks louder than a selfish silence. When we appreciate others, we foster an attitude of gratitude. This attitude always builds our future and strengthens our relationships.

Today’s verse reminds us how God’s views our thanks. Paul writes that it’s possible for people to know God but never give Him thanks. Some folk offer up excuses & problems to God their whole life; never once giving thanks. These people are on a path of foolishness, darkness & confusion. The thankful on the other hand have a bounty of things to thank God for and they do. Thanks & gratitude always leads us towards wisdom, light & clarity.

Being thankful is a very powerful spiritual force. When we are thankful, we produce gratitude. Gratitude holds our focus on the great & awesome things that God is doing in our lives rather than on worldly problems. Anyone who is unthankful will focus on the oceans of their problems and the mountains of their difficulties. The thankful do not concentrate on these, they’re looking at rivers of blessings and forests of gratitude around them. They give worship & thanks to Gods continually for what they are seeing.This week let’s expand our attitude of gratitude. If we’re seeing oceans of problems and mountains of difficulties let’s change our focus. Begin thanking God for all the small & large things He’s doing. Start to develop the attitude that sees rivers of blessings and forests of gratitude ahead. Continue in this attitude & there will be a greater future with stronger relationships fille with wisdom, light & clarity.